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Pricing depends on a multitude of factors from location, dates, size and length of event, products, and much more. The average investment our clients make range from $3000 - $7000


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A conversation about pricing.

In order to explain our pricing, we wanted to answer many of the often asked questions.


Why do you charge what you do ?

We charge for the services provided, products delivered and production required, plus a little profit. There is a misconception that the amount charged is for the event shooting only, which is far from the truth. For every hour on site, there are three to four hours in prep and post production.


I have seen other photographers advertise wedding coverage for $800 or less, how can they do it ?

Simple answer, they can’t, but just don’t know it yet. Being in business for 15 years has taught us that if you do not charge for all the associated costs of providing coverage ( insurance, replacement of gear, storage of images, computers... ) you will soon learn you are operating at a loss, and then be out of business.


Doesn’t digital make it easier and cheaper ?

Actually the opposite. In the film days, images were dropped at the lab and prints came back that were put in a book. With digital, you must back up several thousand images, often “touching “ each image three to four times. Add corrections, upload, retouch, transmit and storage and time adds up quickly. Full sized images, even on the fastest computers, often take many minutes to render, load and transmit per image. Multiply that by 3000 and you can get some sense of workflow.


What does my investment in your services provide ?

First, an experienced professional photographer. All of us have formal training, often years of school followed by apprenticing with master photographers along with continual education in the latest technology and techniques. It is possible to have a knack for photography, learn it on your own or from a weekend course, however, there is no quick way to learn how to light a subject, no course that teaches you how to deal with problems that come up and making split second decisions that make or break the results.

Secondary to the person is the gear. Top flight photography gear and lighting is expensive. Cameras capable of capturing 4000 images a day, day after day, in low light, on beaches or remote locations, are expensive. Often we must replace a camera system each year. We have backups to the backups often showing up with $ 30 k in gear to do a shoot.


Why do your prints and books cost what they do ?

Quality, ease of ordering and speed. We use only the best labs, best materials and best practices. All products are backed with a lifetime guarantee and will be replaced if you are not happy. Digital images are redundantly stored on stable media, online and off. Few people understand that CD and DVD storage will become unusable in as little as five years. Prints and books are made to archival standards, so that you might hand them down through generations.


Can’t images being enhanced in photoshop, thus making it easier for anyone to do ?

Photoshop, while a powerful tool, does not have a “ decisive moment “ filter, nor is there a “ emotion” command. I guess we are a bit old fashioned in believing that you should do your best to nail the image “in camera” and use technology to enhance these moments.


I can’t afford these prices or have a limited budget, what can we do ?

We understand very well that wedding costs can spiral out of control quickly. What seemed like a small event can mushroom into a huge deal. One word of advice we have for all couples is to prioritize your needs and desires and reconcile them with budget realities. Remember, this is a start of your lives together, don’t stress out day one. We are happy to offer suggestion on how best to utilize our services, save money and get the best results. There are options for family to contribute to your coverage as a gift. You can capture the day and order products later. Have a talented friend shoot some of the associated weekend activities, freeing us up for the main events. If after exhausting all of these, we are happy to make suggestion on other vendors and photographers. Bear in mind, besides your partner, your photos and memories are what you walk away with.